Richard Mille celebrates the return of Le Mans with RM029

在过去的两年里,勒芒市郊一直陷入沉寂。每一位熟悉这项世界最具代表性的传统汽车赛事的 人都知道,每隔一年的七月,整个小镇都会随着远处赛车穿越灼热柏油路的声音而震动。勒 芒经典赛不仅将于2022年回归,还会在次年即2023年破例连续两年举办,以纪念勒芒24小时赛 道首场比赛的一百周年。

勒芒经典赛历届会有700辆经典赛车在传奇的布加迪赛道上角逐,同时俱乐部区域内还将有 8,500辆经典车共襄盛举。2022年这项赛事的观赛人数预计将打破在2018年创下13.5万名观众 的记录。自2002年勒芒经典赛成立以来,理查德米勒一直都是该赛事的合作伙伴。此次 理查德米勒推出了专为该赛事打造的第八款腕表:限量150枚的RM 029勒芒经典赛自动上链 腕表。赛事爱好者们一定会立即认出这款RM 029所采用的勒芒经典绿白配色。

RM 029勒芒经典赛自动上链腕表的表壳尺寸为40.10 x 48.15 x 13.10毫米,这款全新限量版 腕表的中层表壳是由整块白色石英纤维铣制而成,与绿色石英纤维 的前后表圈相衬。前表圈上有勒芒特有的双条纹。这些条纹由单独的白色石英纤 维制成,镶嵌到绿色石英纤维表圈中的12点到6点方向,这也是品牌首次采用这 种制作方式。运动型的白色透气橡胶表带既保证了长期佩戴的舒适性,也完美烘托出这样经 典色彩组合的活力碰撞。

全新RM 029勒芒经典赛自动上链腕表机芯采用五级钛合金打造的RMAS7镂空机芯,4点钟位置 配有超大日期窗显示。同时,该款腕表拥有独特的可变几何结构摆陀,并由双发条盒装置驱 动。2点钟位置设有一个专属且精确的24小时计数器(以蓝色箭头指示),不仅向赛事本身致 敬,也在向从下午4点开始进行24小时接力的数百辆汽车和车手致敬。

无论白天还是黑夜,这款限量版腕表都能将车迷和车手带回到属于他们的地方——在赛道上奔 驰,以完美的成绩越过传奇的勒芒黑白方格旗。

The silence has been eerie these last two years on the outskirts of Le Mans. Anyone familiar with the world’s most iconic historic racing event will know that every second July, the whole town vibrates to the sound of scorched tarmac in the distance. The legendary race, Le Mans Classic will return not only in 2022, but exceptionally the next year too, in 2023, to mark the centenary of the very first race on the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit.

Usually, 700 historic racing cars take to the legendary Bugatti circuit together with 8,500 others in the club areas. The event is more than likely to top next year the record of 135,000 spectators it last saw in 2018. Richard Mille has been a partner ever since its inception in 2002 and has created the 8th model dedicated specifically to this event, a limited edition of 150 timepieces, the RM 029 Automatic Le Mans Classic. Aficionados will instantly recognize the timeless green and white color combination of one of the world’s greatest historic racing event.

The RM 029 Automatic Le Mans Classic, with total case dimensions of 40.10 x 48.15 x 13.10 mm,has a caseband milled from a solid block of white Quartz TPT, offset by front and back bezels in green Quartz TPT. The front bezel sports the characteristic double Le Mans stripes. These have been created from separate pieces of white Quartz TPT® that has been inlaid into the green Quartz TPT® bezel at 12 and 6 o’clock – a first for the brand. The vibrancy of this classic color combination is perfectly accentuated by a sporty white vented strap in rubber, guaranteeing excellent long-term comfort.

The skeletonised grade 5 titanium calibre RMAS7 movement with its oversize date window at 4 o’clock and a unique variable geometry rotor system driving double winding barrels forms the heart of the new RM 029 Automatic Le Mans Classic. A dedicated and finely detailed 24-hour counter at 2 o’clock pays fitting homage not only to the event itself but also to the hundreds of automobiles and drivers who relay over the 24 hours, starting at 4pm (indicated by a blue arrow).

Day or night, this limited edition gets fans and drivers alike back where they belong – out on the circuit, crossing the legendary Le Mans black and white chequered flag in perfect time.

All images provided by Richard Mille

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