Louis Vuitton Horizon light up speaker

Louis Vuitton latest Horizon Light Up speaker looks like a UFO

这款全新Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up扬声器的设计灵感源自Toupie手袋,开创便携式音响的全新领域。这款扩音器结合金属和名贵皮革,打成艺术杰作,为家居添缀别具特色的品牌标志。扬声器运作时,五光十色的灯光效果会同步感应音效节拍,以数码方式演绎经典的Monogram花卉图案。扬声器支援无线网络连接,具有高音质360度声效,是一款典雅低调的出游用品,完美体现路易威登的旅行精神。

Louis Vuitton‘s forays into tech-infused luxury gear have taken in handbags with screens and luggage trackers. A year after the release of its thousand dollars earbuds, the French fashion house’s latest stab at audio is as eccentric as they come. The new LV Horizon Light Up Speaker looks like a spaceship sculpted by aliens to resemble a sawn-off spinning top. What’s more, it costs S$4,100.

Inspired by its Toupie handbag, the speaker lights up to accentuate the brand’s flower insignia and a spelled out Louis Vuitton around the center. There’s also a top ring light with 23 LEDs that puts on a rainbow color show. The neons combined with the black perforated and embossed leather is best described as cyber-chic.

Synchronised to the music, a dynamic light show displays a colorful digital interpretation of Louis Vuitton‘s iconic Monogram flower with multiple colour gradients. Taking on a form that is entirely unique in the audio world, the Horizon Light up speaker is an example of creative design, while showcasing Louis Vuitton‘s heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. The unconventional shape allows the speaker to be played in different positions, offering a myriad of acoustic benefits, transmitting the sound 360 degree and sent in a specific direction. 

Photos provided by Louis Vuitton

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