Loewe iconic bags turn nano, stylishly

Loewe呈献令人惊艳的珍藏版礼盒,内藏Puzzle、Hammock、Gate、Flamenco 及 Balloon五款经典手袋的独家超迷你nano版,全部以高级柔软小牛皮制作,其中nano Gate及 nano Hammock超迷你版是专为礼盒而制作,而nano Puzzle、nano Balloon 及nano Flamenco的颜色亦是为礼盒限量制作,亦是礼盒版专有颜色 – 当中的鲜黄、原色红、粉 红、湖水蓝及草绿都是从Loewe经典色彩挑选出来的悦目美色。珍藏礼盒的包装是向日本传统手工艺致敬之作:木盒设计以传统桐箱为蓝本,由日本工匠 以轻巧桐木制作 – 日本人一般以桐箱盛载礼物或收藏贵重物品。礼盒盖面有镭射雕刻 Loewe Anagram标志,深色线条更凸显精致木纹,盒内每个间隔的小牛皮衬里与手袋颜 色呼应,衬里上有烫金手袋名称字样。礼盒系上的真田带 (真田纽)是另一种日本传统工艺,古代日本武士用这种编织幼带来捆扎剑 柄及武器,由于带子坚韧实用后来变化出更多用途,而不同的颜色组合有代表不同家族的含义。

Loewe has curated a gift box that contains five of its iconic handbags —Puzzle, Hammock, Gate, Flamenco and Balloon— in their small-scale ‘nano’ form and crafted in nappa calfskin. The nano Gate and nano Hammock bags are exclusive to the box as these sizes have only been produced for this very special set. The colours of the nano Puzzle, nano Balloon and nano Flamenco are also limited in edition to the set, so can only be found in the nano size in this collectors’ box. The Yellow, Primary Red, Candy, Lagoon and Rosemary colourways are selected from the iconic Loewe range of hues. In honour of Japanese artisanship, the box itself is based on the traditional kiribako containers and is hand-crafted from Paulownia wood in Japan. Kiribako boxes are commonly used for gifting and storing valuable items. The Loewe Anagram is laser- engraved on the lid of the box, a technique that enhances the wood grain in a darker hue. Inside, the compartments for each of the products are lined in corresponding coloured calfskin. Their names are also embossed in gold at the rear of the compartments. As a final nod to artisans in Japan, the box is tied together with sanada-himo cord— a narrow, tightly-woven fabric that was originally used by samurais for binding their armour and was adapted to other tasks because of its functionality. Different colourways correspond with particular families and clans.

All images provided by Loewe.

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