理查德米勒RM 07-​01 彩色陶瓷腕表
Richard Mille RM07-01 Ceramics comes in fearless colours

RM 07-01作为理查德米勒最具女性风格的腕表系列,每一次的迭代更新都会引起轰动。此次推出的 三款限量版腕表,表壳采用先进陶瓷材质制造,玑镂雕花(guilloché)饰纹表盘由多种材质制成,绚丽夺 目,凸显出RM 07-01系列腕表对艺术美感和实用性能的执着探索,将卓越机械制表技术、精湛机芯制造工 艺及精工修饰融为一体。

RM 07-01 彩色陶瓷女士腕表系列中的三款腕表,每款都配备了不同颜色的表壳及独特的表盘图形元素, 分别限量发行50枚。RM 07-01 Pastel Blue, RM 07-01 Pastel Pink 和 RM 07-01 Pastel Lavende陶瓷表壳 带来了无尽夏日雅趣,品牌自主设计的CRMA2自动机芯装配其中,为腕表提供持久动力。中央表盘以陶 瓷嵌件和几何图案的橡胶部件对称拼接起来,以及理查德米勒首次采用的手工玑镂雕花共同打造出 分段式的中心表盘。

RM 07-01彩色陶瓷女士腕表系列共有有三种色款——TZP 粉色陶瓷表壳,搭配天蓝色丁香紫橡胶表带; TZP 淡紫色陶瓷表壳,搭配珊瑚橘色橡胶表带;还有 TZP 蓝色陶瓷表壳,搭配橄榄水绿色橡胶表带。 在确定这几款腕表的颜色和纹理时,塞西尔·盖纳和团队费心尽力,才从众多候选方案中敲定最终方案。 “在迈阿密看到过的装饰艺术风格建筑使我灵光乍现,这些柔和的色彩和大胆的图案是如此与众不同, 所传达的气氛和态度令人赞叹。”

RM 07-01腕表系列中全新彩色陶瓷的运用,为其赋予俏皮且活力的元素,但之所以采用这一材质也是源 于其作为表壳材质所表现出的非凡性能。得益于材料中的氧化锆成分和烧结制造工艺,TZP 陶瓷重量轻、不易致敏、经久耐用,而且几乎不会留下刮痕。这样的高性能与自主研发的CRMA2自动上链 机芯完美结合, CRMA2 机芯由经微喷砂和电浆处理的钛合金制成,通过5N 红金可变几何摆陀驱动, 保证腕表始终处于最佳上链状态。

明亮的双色橡胶表带生气勃勃、活力十足;黄金玑镂雕花饰纹的表盘经纯手工打磨,光彩熠熠……全新彩色 陶瓷表壳的RM 07-01腕表系列,展现理查德米勒今夏最令人愉悦的三枚腕表作品。

The undisputed feminine icon of Richard Mille, the RM 07-01 collection, continues to cause a sensation with every new iteration. Three new limited-edition models in technically advanced ceramic, with radiant multi-material guilloché dials embody the RM 07-01 collection’s no-compromise approach to aesthetics and performance, combining the very highest levels of mechanical watchmaking, movement engineering and decorative finish.

Each of the three models in the new RM 07-01 Coloured Ceramics collection, set apart by brand new case colour and graphic dial elements, is limited to an edition of 50 timepieces. The RM 07-01 Pastel Blue, RM 07-01 Pastel Pink and RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender are shots of sheer summer delight, housed in cases of ceramic and animated by the automatic CRMA2 in-house movement. The segmented central dial plates are assembled from inserts of ceramic, geometrically patterned rubber and — a first for Richard Mille hand-crafted guillochage.

There are three colour variations within the RM 07-01 Coloured Ceramics collection — TZP pink ceramic with cerulean-lilac rubber strap, TZP lavender ceramic with coral-tangerine rubber strap, and TZP blue ceramic with olive-aqua rubber strap. In deciding on the colours and textures of these new models, Cécile Guenat and her team worked through multiple versions before arriving at these final configurations. ‘I was inspired by the Art Deco architecture you see in Miami, these pastel colours and bold patterns that are so distinctive and convey such an amazing vibe and attitude.’

The use of new coloured ceramic in the larger family of RM 07-01 watches is above all playful and energetic but is anchored by its exceptional performance as a case material. TZP ceramic is light, hypoallergenic, durable and virtually scratch-proof, thanks to its zirconium oxide composition and sintering manufacture process. This level of performance is perfectly matched with the automatic in-house calibre CRMA2, made of microblasted and electroplasma treated titanium and capturing its power from a 5N red gold variable-geometry rotor that maintains the watch optimally wound at all times.

Together with the bright energy of the bi-colour rubber straps and the hand-finished sheen of the gold guilloché dial, the ceramic cases of the new RM 07-01 make for three of the most enjoyable Richard Mille watches.

All photos provided by Richard Mille

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