MB&F 另类之作M.A.D. 1腕表
MB&F by-invitation-only – M.A.D.1

MB&F 创办人Maximillian Büsser向来以发行上万元的高级钟表、限量版名表而闻名,但其最新款手表,售价却只有2100美元,可能是迄今为止最难得的机遇。MB&F 代表着“Maximillian Büsser & Friends”,而这款M.A.D. 1腕表也是专门为该品牌最忠实的客户而做,正是这些“朋友”帮助Büsser实现了他的雄心壮志。更有趣的是,创办人为了确保这些“朋友”都负担得起,他把该腕表的售价推到最低,让这些品牌之友都有能力拥有。而每个品牌之友也会直接被品牌通知后才能预购。

M.A.D.1腕表拥有42毫米不锈钢表盘,内部组件全部由钛和钨材料制成,搭载Miyota 821A机芯驱动,然而这款表最具独特性的则是,分钟和小时的刻度显示,是环绕在表壳上,以旋转方式显示的,是个完完全全的异类。这款手表目前在全世界的反响强烈,MB&F也预计会在2022年推出这款手表的未来版本。

Max Büsser is better known for releasing six-figure, haute horology, limited edition masterpieces, but his latest watch, which at $2,100 USD is a comparative bargain, might be the most difficult to cop yet.

16 years after MB&F is founded, MB&F founder Maximillian Büsser thought up this amazing M.A.D.1 piece, unfortunately, it’s not available for everyone, but only for “friends” of the brand. Even though they are truly proud of the result, they could not put the MB&F name on it – the engineering, complexity and of course the finishing are not at all in the same league. So we created a new label, “M.A.D.Edition”, linking it to the mechanical art universe we’ve created with our M.A.D.Galleries.

The M.A.D. 1 watch was produced solely for the brand’s most devoted customers, known as The Tribe, and the army of “Friends” that have helped Büsser realise his ambitions, since launching in 2005. Despite being created by Max and the MB&F team, M.A.D. 1 is not an MB&F, but rather branded using M.A.D. Editions.

The 42mm stainless steel reserves its dial for an oversized titanium and tungsten winding rotor while its timekeeping is wrapped around its caseband using revolving minute and hour rings powered by a Miyota 821A movement.

However the response to the watch has been such that MB&F is now considering making future versions of the watch available to the public.


All photos provide by MB&F.

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