MR 25 Hana Basara

卡西欧G-Shock MR-G华婆娑罗25周年限量版
G-Shock celebrates MR-G 25th anniversary with Hana Basara, price at $10,588

 卡西欧手表的G-Shock系列推出了 MR-G 华婆娑罗(Hana-Basara) 的 25 周年限量款,为了纪念 G-Shock MR-G 系列的25岁生日。本次MR-G华婆娑罗25 周年限量版仅推出400个,每块手表的定价为 $10,588,也是 G-Shock MRG 系列中定价最高的。卡西欧 G-Shock MR-G华婆娑罗是 G-Shock 品牌的巅峰之作,具备无与伦比的力量和美感。设计概念依旧是来自日本婆娑罗武士。华婆娑罗 25 周年限量款的表圈采用比纯钛材质还要坚硬 4 倍的超硬 Cobarion材料制作,表带为 DAT55G 合金材质,由日本宝石切割大师小松一仁主理,以原创的镜面金属切割手法,为表圈造出多个微小切割面,使表圈设计更为独特。表盘以婆娑罗武士的”链甲”为设计灵感,配以金色时间刻度,红色秒针及绿色内嵌表盘,表面的内框也加入红色点缀,散发着独特的审美情趣和世界观。其精致的设计和细致的做工可以让这款手表的收藏者们爱不释手。

Casio G-Shock has released  a new limited edition for MR-G called Hana-Basara, commemorating the MR-G 25th anniversary.

Basara signifies as aesthetic sense of favoring a chic, ornate look liberated from the status quo. Back when Japan was still divided up into competing domains, Samurai commanders who had unshakeable will and challenged conventional thinking were called Basara commanders. This name recognized not only their physical prowess, but also their keen aesthetic sensibilities. They valued “Hana”, brilliance in their armour and helmet and sought innovative techniques and creative designs to express their individuality. 

This model has features in color, finish and material. The bezel and band are applied with a traditional Japanese Kurogane-iro (literally iron-color) DLC coating, which gives this model its main colouring. The Kurogane is a dark blue green color produced when armour and swords were heated during their forging. Brown ion plating (IP) is used for the case as well, while red around the face and green around the inset dials produce a calm color combination inspired by the elegance and beauty of ancient Japanese armour.

In terms of finish and material, the bezel produced by Cobarion which is 4 time harder than pure titanium is finished by Kazuhito Komatsu, who is a cutting and polishing artisan famous for Hana Shinjyu (faceted pearls).  Facet cutting combines several small surfaces to maximize the transparency of a gemstone. Cutting metal with this method requires a very high level of skill. Maximum production per day was limited to just a few pieces. Besides, the case and band are made of DAT55G titanium alloy, which is three times harder than pure titanium. This combines with the Cobarion bezel to provide outstanding hardness for the entire watch.

The watch will be available from 23 July, 2021. 

All images provided by Casio G-Shock

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