Zuhair Murad Haute Coture Fall Winter 2021 Look45

Zuhair Murad 高级定制秋冬2021/2022
Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall Winter 2021/2022

黎巴嫩著名设计师品牌 Zuhair Murad 在巴黎时尚周呈现了最新的秋冬高级定制2021。系列灵感取自浪漫的威尼斯。在愈伤组织和运河之间,教堂和宏伟的宫殿对上升的水面无动于衷,展现了当代威尼斯节日的愿景,当吊船经过时,帕格尼尼的小提琴弦在震动:“哦,妈妈,妈妈卡拉”…… 夜晚,在黑暗的通道中,危险的相遇和热情的拥抱的故事展开。 在皱巴巴的丝绸和有时从卡尔帕乔(Carpaccio)的一幅画中偷走的华丽披风下,身份不再重要; 我们就是我们想成为的人。

光线在这里的反射与其他地方不同,被彩色玻璃窗和穆拉诺枝形吊灯过滤,被掌握炼金术士所有秘密的玻璃制造商熔化。 藤蔓和水晶、带有虚幻色彩的虹彩玻璃、“fourreau”睡袍,上面披着大号透明披风,用织梦的材料编织而成……水晶花环的迷人组合,贵族女主人的长裙,东方公主长衫披在重新演绎的文艺复兴时期的服装上,雪纺的狂热:通过大胆的开衩和明智的不对称展示裸露的肩膀和曲线的节日。刺绣薄纱披风和长手套的灵感来自威尼斯狂欢节的永恒经典。 天鹅绒、雪纺、塔夫绸、罗缎和金属感欧根纱重新诠释永恒经典。 Silver lurex 为磁性主题带来现代气息。熔化的玻璃变成刺绣。 拼布是威尼斯精神的主要元素,以迷人的高级时装呈现。 汤匙领、不对称领口、蓬蓬袖和帽袖为该系列带来奢华的氛围,唤起人们对这座城市的节日抵抗,这座城市的才华、精致和专业知识将永无止境,是抵御逆境的终极堡垒。

The long months of mask-wearing that followed the burst of the pandemic inspired Zuhair Murad to create a collection instilled with the spirit of the city where masks are quintessential: Venice.

For winter22, the couturier is reinventing the flamboyance of the Serenissima where subtle Oriental influences prevail. He pays tribute to the City of the Doges which, while fighting invasions and battling diseases never let go of its passion for luxury, arts and beauty, its best weapons against collapse.

At night, in the dark passages, tales of dangerous encounters and passionate embraces unfold. Under the crumpling of silk and the opulent capes sometimes stolen from a painting by Carpaccio, identity ceases to matter; we are who we want to be.

Light does not have the same reflections here as it has elsewhere, filtered by stained glass windows and Murano chandeliers, melted by glassmakers who hold all the secrets of alchemists. Vines and crystals, iridescent glass with unreal hues, “fourreau” night gowns draped with large transparent capes woven with the material that dreams are made of…

Enchanted combinations of crystal garlands, long dresses of patrician hostesses, oriental princess kaftans thrown on revisited Renaissance outfits, crazed with chiffon: A festival of bare shoulders and curves revealed through daring slits and wise asymmetries.

Capes and long gloves in embroidered tulle are inspired by the timeless codes of the Venetian Carnival. Velvet, chiffon, taffeta, faille and metallic organza reinterpret timeless classics. Silver lurex brings a modern note to a magnetic theme.

The molten glass becomes embroidery. Patchwork, a staple of the Venetian spirit, is rendered in fascinating haute couture. Scoop necks, asymmetrical necklines, puffed and cap sleeves wrap the collection in an aura of luxury that evokes the festive resistance of a city whose talents, refinement and know-how will endlessly remain, the ultimate bulwark against adversity.

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall Winter 2021/2022
(all 45 looks)

All photos provided by Zuhair Murad.

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