Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra

Van Cleef & Arples Alhambra

心怀幸运之愿,方能成 为幸运之人。
To be lucky, you have to believe in luck

Jacques Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra

Alhambra四叶幸运系列是Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝的传世经典,从1968年至今不断变幻出优雅新姿。今天,Alhambra系列首次迎来四款隐密吊坠腕表,把时间诗 篇隐藏于吊坠的方寸玲珑之中,在长项链上摇曳曼舞。另外,两种全新的Sweet Alhambra腕表也装饰宝石,与细致 的黄K金圆珠遥相辉映。

Alhambra系列呈献四款新作,首次将私享时光藏于经典的四叶幸运 图案中。新作回溯17世纪欧洲的美学,重塑怀表优雅的计时传统,将 时计融入珠宝吊坠中,成为精巧瑰丽的配饰,荟萃世家典雅非凡的珠 宝风格和隐密腕表传统。点滴流逝时光从此掌握于方寸之间,让人随 心玩赏;只需轻拨镶嵌宝石的图案,藏于其下的表盘随即展现眼前, 时间轨迹瞬间了然于胸。

新作延续Alhambra系列的美学传统,以珍贵素材勾勒隽永形态;其 中两款绽放日冕光华,雕刻玑镂饰纹的金质表面泛起粼粼金光:一 款于玑镂刻纹玫瑰金图腾的镶嵌白色珍珠贝母表盘;而另一款则以铺 镶璀璨美钻的表壳,隐藏玑镂刻纹黄K金表盘。柔和的玫瑰金与温煦 的红玉髓,把镶嵌钻石的白色珍珠贝母表盘温柔怀抱,构成婉约动 人的第三款变奏。每一枚吊坠表均以两行圆珠围拢,彰显Alhambra 图案流畅细腻的曲线。

第四款新作为限量作品,选用绿松石为装饰素材,因只有少数宝石能 够达到Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝极致严格的品质要求,让每一 枚作品都都弥足珍贵。绿松石绚丽的天蓝色彩与温煦的黄K金和谐 对照,交织出一泓澄明。镶嵌于表壳和表盘边缘的钻石,为作品更添 炫彩。

Alhambra系列历经无穷蜕变,多年来引入大小不一的图案,其中 Sweet Alhambra,特别纤巧细腻。此次Alhambra系列新增的两款 作品忠于原设计,以双行圆珠勾勒四叶幸运图腾的轮廓;从侧面细赏, 更映照出美钻的光芒。表盘分别以珍贵独特的绿松石或青金石雕琢 而成,表圈内侧的一行碎钻烘托出装饰宝石的美态,黄K金表壳造就 强烈的色彩对比。

为配合百变造型,Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝特别为Sweet Alhambra 腕表配备一系列可自由搭配的表带,简约优雅的色彩包括深蓝和浅 蓝,以及黑色和酒红色。以指尖轻推,即可轻松拆卸并替换表带,配 衬不同的打扮,迎接不同的心情和季节。

Since 1968, the Alhambra collection has evolved with the passing eras, while remaining an elegant icon of luck. Today – for the first time – it welcomes four secret pendant watch models. They celebrate the poetry of a time that remains hidden, revealing itself when so desired on the chain of a long necklace. Alongside these unique pieces, two Sweet Alhambra watches are adorned with ornamental stones, complemented by the gleam of delicately beaded yellow gold.

Four new creations are joining the Alhambra collection – which for the first time welcomes the notion of a personal time, concealed at the heart of the emblematic, four-leafed clover-inspired motifs. Following in the footsteps of the chain watches that appeared in Europe in the 17th century, these jewels that tell the time take the form of precious pendants, accompanying their wearer’s silhouette. They combine the Maison’s characteristically elegant jewelry style with its secret watch tradition. The time is revealed at will: a simple action pivots the stone-set motif to unveil the dial.

In keeping with the Alhambra collection’s iconic aesthetic, each creation is adorned with precious materials. Two of them showcase the intense radiance of guilloché gold: the first discloses a dial in white mother-of-pearl beneath a motif in guilloché rose gold, while the second conceals a dial in guilloché yellow gold inside a sparkling case, entirely set with diamonds. A third piece combines the softness of rose gold with the warm tones of carnelian, enclosing a dial in white mother-of-pearl, delicately embellished with diamonds. Each piece is bordered by a double beaded contour, accentuating the curves of the Alhambra pendant.

A fourth model – created in limited quantities – is adorned with a material that is hard to find in a quality that meets Van Cleef & Arpels’ criteria: turquoise. Its azure blue complements the warmth of yellow gold in a luminous harmony. Diamonds set on the side of the case and around the dial provide the creation with extra dazzle.

A jump ring – set with diamonds and bordered with a delicate beaded contour – completes each pendant, making the pieces flexible and comfortable to wear.

Over the years, the Alhambra collection has been enriched with different-sized motifs – among them Sweet Alhambra, with its delicate dimensions. Echoing the design of the collection, the case of the two new creations is fringed with a double beaded contour, and set with diamonds on its side. The dials are crafted from rare and precious materials: turquoise for one, and lapis lazuli for the other. Inside the bezel, a row of diamonds borders the dial, providing a dazzling complement to the beauty of the ornamental stones, and accentuating the plays of contrast with the yellow gold.

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