Eileen Gu

Tiffany and Co. latest ambassadors include a 17-year-old ski champion

I’m obsessed with the balance between elegant simplicity and striking boldness that the new T1 collection offers.

Eileen Gu

蒂芙尼宣布了最新的三大代言Anya Taylor-Joy, Eileen Gu 和 Tracee Ellis Ross。三大代言人将会出现在2021年最新的Tiffany T1 “Give Me The T”宣传片。

Tracee Ellis Ross日出生于美国加利福尼亚州洛杉矶市,美国演员、制作人 。 2017年1月,凭借电视剧《喜新不厌旧》获得第74届金球奖音乐喜剧类剧集最佳女主角,成为34年来首位获得该奖项的黑人女星 。年仅17岁的滑雪冠军兼模特儿Eileen Gu 出生于美国加利福尼亚州旧金山。她的父亲是美国人,母亲谷燕是来自中国北京的前滑雪教练。谷爱凌自小居住于美国,常随母亲前往中国北京。25岁的Anya Taylor-Joy是一位出生于美国,擁有美国、英国及阿根廷三重国际的女演員及模特儿。

Tiffany & Co. unveils today that Anya Taylor-Joy, Eileen Gu and Tracee Ellis Ross are its newest global House ambassadors. Ushering in a new creative vision for the storied jeweler, today, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Ross make their debut in the 2021 Tiffany T1 campaign, ‘Give Me the T’ .

“Growing up, I would often wander through the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, imagining myself as a grown woman wearing the bold elegance of Tiffany’s signature diamonds. All these years later, to be the face of this iconic brand and to represent the T1 collection is a dream come true,” said Tracee Ellis Ross. “Shooting the campaign was a welcome moment of inspiration and glamour after the challenging year that we’ve all experienced.”

Showcasing Tiffany’s signature collection through a pared-down, contemporary lens, Taylor-Joy, Gu, and Ross star in three vignettes obliquely centered around the letter T. Highlighting the design’s bold forms, striking pavé diamonds and intricate craftsmanship, the campaign was shot by Mario Sorrenti in New York City. While the story behind Tiffany T1 remains centered on inner strength and individuality, the breadth of the collection has evolved over the past year to include new bracelet, earrings and pendant styles, as well as new 18k white gold iterations. In the ‘Give Me the T’ campaign, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Ross layer the new designs with other striking T1 pieces—such as the T1 choker with nearly 250 round brilliant and baguette diamonds totaling over 13 carats— showcasing how the collection creates opportunities for self-expression.

“I love jewelry that has symbolism in it,” said Anya Taylor-Joy. “I love it to mean something to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything to anybody else, but I like to look down at my fingers and have a story.”

Following the T1 campaign, Taylor-Joy and Gu will star in the ‘Knot Your Typical City’ campaign—also shot in New York City by Sorrenti—for a new jewelry collection that Tiffany is set to release in North America this fall, and globally in 2022. Wearing designs from the new collection, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Alton Mason pass through city streets as quintessentially hard-to-impress New Yorkers offer clear nods of approval.

“Wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially one that is meaningful or motivational in a personal sense, is an inexorable feeling—it’s empowering, inspiring and exciting to express myself, to feel seen and heard without having to utter a single word,” said Eileen Gu. “I’m obsessed with the balance between elegant simplicity and striking boldness that the new T1 collection offers.”

Tiffany is proud to celebrate these inspiring individuals and will continue to explore exciting new avenues to highlight its latest and most iconic collections.

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