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Tokyo 2020: Omega campaign draws parallel between timekeeping and Japan culture creatively


欧米茄近日释出的 “计时与传统 当欧米茄遇上日本” 影片,将奥运运动项目及神社、富士山、艺伎、枯山水等日本文化与表款,巧妙结合而成约1分钟的广告,不仅让人看见镜头下的奥运精神及日本之美,如艺术般的影像呈现方式,也相当震撼人心。从影片开头便足见欧米茄的巧思,画面左为日本国旗“日之丸”,右为其“⁠东⁠京2020”限量版腕表,红与白的视觉呈现也与该表款特色完美契合;日本独特的枯山水文化,巧秒连结了机芯零件;平衡木选手与正要挥竿的高尔夫选手则结合转动的秒针,饶富趣味;日本代表性的太鼓精巧连结计时腕表表盘上的分钟圈,颇为吸睛;直到影片最后,东京2020腕表与一旁蓝白配色纸伞展现出的绝妙呼应,每处细节都让人赞叹。

At Tokyo 2020, Omega continues to be the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games. For the 29th time in history, the athletes who have trained so hard to compete on the world stage can trust Omega to record their performances with utmost precision, thanks to cutting-edge technology and many decades of timekeeping experience.

Omega launched a Timekeeping and tradition: Omega meets Japan campaign for Tokyo 2020. The exquisite 60-second sequence (below) uses Imagine Dragons’ 2015 song Dream for the soundtrack cleverly combines elements of Japanese culture with stylish shots of Olympic sports and Omega timepieces to produce something really rather special. The view has a record of more than 13 million views after it was launched within a week on Youtube. 

All photos provided by Omega

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