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Stronger together

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

这个秋天,Tod’s 与大家展开一趟最时尚的意式生活风情之旅,推出一个以家人、朋友及团结为主题的宣传企划,并透过Magnum 摄影师A​​lex Majoli 的镜头,捕捉住每个“在一起”的美妙时刻。 Tod’s 邀请了一班名人和有才华的年轻人参与拍摄。他们象征了这个时代的精神,并以一连 串短篇故事来展现生活中那些鲜活真实的精彩时刻。

‘The good life ’ is not just a concept , but an idea that has always been part of the Italian lifestyle. Epitomised by an innate timeless elegance, warmth, simplicity and a special ease, which the world instantly recognises in us.

This autumn, Tod’s takes a journey through the most modern Italian lifestyle, with a campaign shot by talented Magnum photographer Alex Majoli, that celebrates family, friends and a sense of unity, capturing moments of “being together” that are inherent in us all.

Tod’s Together celebrates friendship, affection and kindness, the pleasure of seeing each other. A campaign which illustrates Italian taste and know-how, in intimate and special moments where the desire to be together is the most important element, which permeates all the images immediately.

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