TAG Heuer team up with Nintendo for Super Mario Connected Timepiece

TAG Heuer teams up with Nintendo for Super Mario Connected Timepiece

泰格豪雅宣布与任天堂跨界合作,推出一款以超级马里奥为主题的联名Connected智能腕表, 全球限量2000枚。该款联名腕表将以新颖的创意与大胆的风格为设计理念,将马里奥勇敢坚韧、活力四射的形象融入到其中。不同于市场上以往的联名方式,本次泰格豪雅与任天堂携手推出的马里奥联名腕表,在功能设计上别具匠心,以运动为核心思路,将马里奥游戏玩家都非常熟悉的“彩蛋”概念,融入腕表的功能当中,以游戏化奖励系统的理念,激励腕表佩戴者外出运动,当运动总量达到某一阶段时,就会自动解锁对应的奖励动画。除了功能设计与马里奥游戏彩蛋深度融合之外,泰格豪雅马里奥联名Connected智能腕表也一如既往的秉承纯正的制表传统,在细节设计上同样十分考究,将丰富马里奥元素完美的融入腕表之中。表盘界面采用超级马里奥的经典配色,融入超级马里奥特殊细节元素,表圈刻度、按钮均采用超级马里奥经典的红帽子漆面配色,同时表壳提供黑色真皮红色橡胶、多孔红色橡胶两款可更换表带,表扣和表冠刻有马里奥经典的M标志,表背面则镌刻“TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition”字样。

When TAG Heuer and Super Mario join forces, one can bet the result is a timepiece that adds new excitement to both the watchmaking and gaming worlds and which fans of the two brands will be desperate to get their hands on! Super Mario meets the TAG Heuer Connected. The result? A watch that stands out and brings new creativity and daring style to the avant-garde watchmaker’s collections. The intrepid, iconic hero comes to life in this luxury smartwatch that combines sport, technology and elegance in one dynamic package. In this collaboration, the TAG Heuer Connected is offering wearers a fun new way to get more active, feeling the thrill of achieving goals throughout the day. Generations of gamers have grown up with Super Mario, with more than 370 million Super Mario games sold worldwide since 1985. Since the first Super Mario Bros. game launched in Japan in 1985, Super Mario – with his red cap and blue overalls – has become recognised the world over. At the heart of this collaboration, the TAG Heuer Connected watch is a unique combination of the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired timepiece crafted in the purest watchmaking tradition, with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance. It offers customers a striking and versatile wristwatch to enhance their individual lifestyle, from daily connected services to immersive sports experiences.

Video and images provided by TAG Heuer

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