Saint Lauren Mens SS 2022

Saint Laurent Men’s Spring Summer 2022 in Venice

圣罗兰把男装春夏2022搬到了正在举办艺术双年展的威尼斯,为时尚增添了几分艺术气息。秀场坐落于威尼斯潟湖内的切尔托萨岛。Green Lens(绿镜)是一座鲜活生动的沉浸式艺术装置, 也是一个探索、启发和找寻灵感的目的地。

Green Lens(绿镜) 透过其水晶般的反光内饰,揭示万花筒般的景色和茂密的植物环境,并借此唤醒未来。从外观上,它创造出了一种混合了云彩、薄雾和野生植被的映像组合,营造出遥远且神秘的氛围。 作品内部结构如同一个巨大的万花筒,映射出风景、天空和周围不断变化的环境。此独立式装置作品旨在将自然景致幻化为鲜活的抽象艺术。Green Lens(绿镜)旨在激发关于大自然景观与人类未来连接的探讨。二十一世纪,我们放眼未来,着眼于如何与自然环境和谐相处,努力创造一个平衡的新世界。我们寻求让大自然再次获得汹涌澎湃力量的新环境。为了表彰创造力的伟大, 我们卸下过往肩膀上的负担,重新找回灵感与启迪的力量。

正值威尼斯建筑双年展之际 Green Lens (绿镜)将在7月底之前对大众开放,像一座流动的建筑,创造出沉浸式的奇妙幻境。这件作品的初衷是为了激励所有访客对未来抱有积极的观想 ,并将大自然景致和创新思维完美融合 。

Anthony Vaccarello has unleashed Saint Laurent‘s Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear collection. The show, which was set on the island of Isola Della Certosa in Venice Italy, is a celebration of nature and creativity.

Vaccarello commissioned artist, Doug Aitken for the Green Lens experimental installation that provided the show’s backdrop. The large-scale installation faceted with large mirrors and various forms of plant life is a gateway between us and the environment in a world where nature is empowered, creativity is championed, and our pst weight lifts off and encourages us to be inspiring.

The collection prides a ’70s aesthetic that is signature for Saint Laurent. Consisting of ruffled collars, billowing shirts unbuttoned all the way down, and dainty bow ties, the looks play into a Rock ‘n’ Roll-ready gothic Victorian-era style. Elsewhere, Vaccarello looks into the fabrics that conjure an image of Venetian decor: rich velvet, jacquards, and delicate lace sticking to a palette of jewel-tones like royal purple and goldenrod. Though the city of Venice is over 1,200 years old, Vaccarello envisions the primeval city through a modern lens in his most recent collection.

Saint Laurent Men’s Spring Summer 2022 - All 59 looks

All photos provided by Saint Laurent

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