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Sacai x Kaws联名系列
Sacai x Kaws celebrate “Wearable Art”

Sacai 2021 Autumn Winter 2021里,Sacai请了艺术家Kaws来共同创作相关的服饰。Sacai的解构服饰设计加上Kaws的色彩运用,不少粉丝们表示期待其正式发售。近日,关于两家的合作也是有了更多的单品消息更新,除了这些已经亮相过的色彩鲜艳的单品,还将有一些基础款发售。最大的特点就是“盖中盖”,最底部的Sacai品牌名上盖着Kaws的“X X”标志。

Sacai introduces its RTW collection with contemporary artist Kaws starting July 16th globally. The collaboration marks the long-held mutual admiration and friendship between founder and designer Chitose Abe and Kaws. The concept of the collection is to reflect the original artwork and colour palette of Kaws art into sacai pieces as “wearable art”. The collection features Multi-colour and Camouflage, iconic colour pattern created by Kaws for both men’s and women’s wear as well as for unisex items such as T-shirts and hoodies.

Sacai x Kaws celebrate “Wearable Art”

All images provided by Sacai.

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