Prada QIXI 2021a

蔡徐坤创作Prada 2021七夕系列广告曲
Latest Prada QiXi collection campaign stars Cai Xu Kun

Prada 发布全新线上广告大片,致意中国传统七夕情人节,以独特视角重温节日故事,探索赠礼深意。 礼物中所包含的情意,弥足珍贵。作为节日庆祝的一部分,我们习惯用赠送与接收礼物表达心意。 向内审视,加注送礼者创作巧思的礼物,更能凸显情意。

蔡徐坤音乐才华出众,如同声波效应,他的出色演绎与镜头变幻完美融合。他强有力的表演与国内 年轻创作人碰撞出独特而奇妙的化学反应。摄影师曾无——2019 年被英国时装协会(British Fashion Council)评为“全球百位最具创新精神和灵感的年轻创意人才”之一——负责掌镜拍摄广 告大片;新锐导演 AJ Duan 执导广告影片;资深造型师吴梧提供创意指导:镜头前,蔡徐坤置身录 音室打磨录制歌曲,而后将他的创作放入闪耀夺目的 Prada Cleo 手袋,作为完美礼物呈现。

歌手、音乐创作人蔡徐坤专为广告大片谱写原创歌曲《You Know What I Want》,用作故事原声乐 渲染主旨。2021 七夕之际,Prada 专属打造特别服饰系列,甄选仿水晶单品召唤明媚新季。经典 Prada Cleo 手 袋饰以精巧仿水晶,大胆前卫,焕发新意;浅粉色仿水晶上衣与连衣裙抒发女性浪漫心境。男士 Brique 银色包袋风格鲜明,俘获视线;乐福鞋廓形精致考究,利落有型。此系列自 7 月 26 日起登陆 官方线上精品店、指定 Prada 精品店、Prada 微信小程序限时店以及 Prada 天猫旗舰店发售。配合广告大片的发布,抖音互动挑战亦如期而至。镜头前递出 Prada Cleo 手袋的蔡徐坤邀请参与者 共同合拍趣味视频。

Prada’s new campaign for the traditional Qixi Festival – the Chinese Valentine’s Day – explores the concept of gifts through an original reworking of the Qixi legend. As well as it being customary to give and receive presents as part of the festival celebrations, a gift can also be seen from an interior perspective: an innate skill or talent to which someone devotes both energy and passion.

Like the musical gift of Cai Xu Kun, the musician and multitalented artist at the heart of the whole campaign, which develops like a sound wave from a creative act to a captivating result. His powerful performance is combined with other young artists in an original partnership. Photographs by Zeng Wu – named by the British Fashion Council as one of “100 of the most innovative and inspiring young creative talents from around the world” in 2019 – and a film directed by the young up-and- coming director AJ Duan – with a creative direction by Wu Woo – depict Kun in his studio while he creates and records a track, before turning it into another gift by placing it in a sparkling Prada Cleo bag.

You Know What I Want, created by Kun especially for the campaign, provides the original soundtrack and underlying theme for the narrative. For the Qixi Festival 2021, Prada has created a special selection of items featuring garments and accessories bedecked with crystals to evoke the arrival of a bright new season. These include a bold new version of the iconic Prada Cleo, covered all over with small gemstones, a crystal-adorned pale- pink top and dress for women, as well as the silver Brique bag for men’s and loafers with a well- defined shape. The collection is available – starting July 26th – at, in selected Prada boutiques, at the Prada Wechat Mini Program pop-up store and at Prada’s flagship store at Tmall. The campaign is also accompanied by an interactive challenge on Douyin, where Kun gifts his track to users in a Prada Cleo, inviting them to co-create a short video.

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