Moncler celebrates Chinese Valentine’s Day with a collab capsule

七夕将至,有一种方式让爱闪耀。盟可睐携手意大利大师级印花品牌Naj-Oleari,推出一系列爱意满满、妙趣盎然的成衣单品,庆祝一年中最浪漫的日子——七夕(8月14日)。设计师Sandro Mandrino为此系列挑选来自Moncler Grenoble系列的经典款型,并将源自Naj-Oleari典藏作品的“心动”印花重新诠释其上。而充满活力的黄色、蓝色和紫红色,则传达出爱情之初的激情与温暖。盟可睐2021七夕系列以轻盈高科技面料打造,为不远未来的秋冬季节提供优选搭配。


As the Qixi Festival approaches, there is one way to ensure your love shines through. Moncler Grenoble and Naj-Oleari have come together for the first time to honor the most romantic date of the year on August 14th with a playful range of ready-to-wear items that radiate love and humor. Emblazoned with a hearts crash all- over print – created by Naj-Oleari and reimagined by designer Sandro Mandrino for Moncler in a vibrant palette of yellow, blue and fuchsia – the range captures the passion and warmth of new romance and is the perfect match for the Fall/Winter 2021-22 season in a selection of light and technical fabrics.

Kicking off the range is the Gauli windbreaker jacket, which alongside a matching baseball cap and smartphone case, features a bright yellow smiling and winking emoticon heart print in recycled polyester. This is the ideal contrast to the range’s light polyester-weave trousers, which feature a similar spirited print this time in a vibrant blue with complementary yellow and white side stripe. These keys pieces are offset by a white cotton jersey T-shirt, adorned with three simple love hearts, and a lively technical fleece that will ensure it’s more than love that will keep you warm in the coming seasons.

All photos provided by Moncler.

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