Louis Vuitton Women Spring Summer 2022

Louis Vuitton Women Spring Summer 2022

路易威登女装春夏2022系列是对“大巴尔”的时代致敬。十九世纪球的故事非常电影化。 披风和牛仔裤让你猜测这个故事有一个吸血鬼球的哥特式回声。 不同时代的衣橱组合创造了几代人的融合。从昨天到今天。 当下。 服装作为管道。 穿衣体验,一种延续的声音。 引领倒计时,保持领先一步。 几代人的变革性创意融合。 充满活力的风格流。 夜晚会更加美丽。

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022 collection is an invitation to le grand bal of Time. Tonight, time is of no consequence. Yet time is everything. It dissolves functions and codes. It unites wardrobes. Day becomes night. The humble uniform becomes sumptuous. 

From yesterday to today. The present moment. Clothing as the conduit. The experience of dressing, a voice that carries on. Leading the countdown and staying one step ahead. The transformative creative fusion of generations. A vibrant flow of style. The night will be all the more beautiful. 

Louis Vuitton Women Spring Summer 2022 (all 44 looks)

All photos provide by Louis Vuitton

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