Louis Vuitton gamify its brand story to celebrate founder’s 200th birthday

路易威登先生迎来200岁生日。他在14岁时离乡背井,为了追求梦想步行2年的时间抵达巴黎,并在皮箱工坊Monsieur Maréchal当学徒。凭借著精湛的工艺技术,他开始拥有自己的忠实客户,其中还包括拿破仑三世的妻子尤金妮皇后。在多年的经验累积下,Louis在1854年成立了如今的精品龙头路易威登。为了以一个与众不同的方法庆祝路易威登先生的200岁生日,路易威登竟然直接推出电玩游戏《Louis:The Game》!这款游戏以路易威登先生创建路易威登的过程为灵感,先进的动画让大家可以更深入其境在这趟超越两个世纪的旅程。进入电玩后,你就会变成路易威登的吉祥物Vivienne,沿途会有许多的关卡,必须找到Monogram蜡烛,才能往下一关前进!

其实这些关卡就是路易威登先生从14岁离开家乡,步行两年抵达巴黎,一步一步创立路易威登的过程,将会在游戏过程中揭露有关于品牌合作、特别订制、技术知识、家族故事、艺术设计、时装秀亮点等等奇闻轶事。游戏玩完后,还会把你的名次列在全球排行榜中,想证明自己是路易威登忠实粉丝的话,绝对不能错过这个游戏。《LOUIS:The Game》这款游戏会在8月4日(路易威登先生生日当天)巴黎时间凌晨3点起于App Store、Google Play开放下载。

 Louis Vuitton  launches a game app, “Louis: The Game”, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of founder Louis Vuitton. The game will follow the journey of the fashion brand’s mascot Vivienne to Paris and feature 30 non-fungible tokens (NFT) to be collected by players along the way, ten of which were designed by digital artist Beeple. The NFTs are collectible but not for sale.

Louis Vuitton was a trunk-maker apprentice that left his hometown at the age of 14 to walk on foot to Paris, where he later founded his world-renowned business. His journey, depicted in the game, is a coming-of-age story that highlights the hardships and adventures of Vuitton to launch the brand. 

 Louis: The Game can be downloaded, through the App Store and Google Play for Android systems and it features Vivienne, the Louis Vuitton mascot, who travels great distances to reach a festive birthday destination. The Game is developed by the same people behind Riot Games (League of Legends) and includes NFT element with the Houses artistic directors and digital artist Beeple, who holds the highest-NFT record for his artwork Everydays: The First 500 Days for $69.3 million on Christies.

All material provided by Louis Vuitton

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