Somethingdongxi The new MINI John Cooper Works GP now in Singapore

全新MINI John Cooper Works GP再展性能
Fastest and sportiest MINI ever-built arrive

If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.

Mario Andretti

这款全新的MINI John Cooper Works GP 从标志性的轮廓,圆头车头灯和英国旗帜的车尾灯都带有MINI Cooper的经典设计。但除了这些,引擎盖、蜂窝设计的格栅、GP传统的前后仪表板、喇叭形护舷,加宽的车宽和较低的行驶高度都让这款GP拥有着他独特的气质。

在轮护以上的侧板均为宽体,由手工制作的碳纤维制成,MINI称之为”spat”。再来尾翼部分,虽然看起来有些夸张,但这款车上的每一个空力套件都具有实际功能。他们都可以帮助这台MINI JCW GP产生下压力和冷却它的引擎。在尾部的双层不锈钢排气系统也是目前MINI车款中最大的。这台MINI John Cooper Works GP穿的是一套18寸轻量化锻造轮毂,设计则是使用MINI JCW GP的四辐式设计。MINI表示这套轮毂也是目前MINI所有车系中最轻的18寸轮毂,总重量不到9公斤,这有助于轻量化。


在内装上,后排座椅被抽出,方向盘上的全新独立式电子仪表板为赛车带来了终极体验。 内饰还大量使用了3D打印,包括铝制换挡踏板,方向盘扣和装饰条,该条带有车辆的生产编号。每台MINI John Cooper Works GP都带有自己独有的生产编码并印在内装里,因为它只限量2000台,新加坡目前仅有3台。

After more than 2 years of wait since the first extreme concept car of MINI John Cooper Works GP was shown in the Frankfurt motor show, this fastest and sportiest MINI ever-built car has finally arrived in Singapore. 

Intense, purist race feeling is conveyed by what is by far the most powerful engine ever to be used in a 3 Door model of the brand, suspension technology that is fine-tuned based on John Cooper Works’ comprehensive racing expertise and a body that is optimised in terms of lightweight construction, torsional stiffness and aerodynamics. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP offers unrivalled sporty flair and overwhelming agility. As such, it forms part of a fascinating tradition that has been closely linked to the name of the legendary Formula 1 designer John Cooper ever since the debut of the classic Mini 60 years ago. On both road and racetrack, this combination has been a constant source of sporting highlights: from the first Mini Cooper and winning the British Touring Car Championship to the three overall victories in the Monte Carlo Rally, the MINI Challenge racing series, achievements in the Dakar Rally and the latest generation of the John Cooper Works models.

The exclusive character of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP, uncompromisingly geared towards extreme driving pleasure, is expressed in both its engine power and its performance characteristics. More clearly than ever before, its standing is at the very forefront of the MINI and John Cooper Works model range. Its additional output over and above that of the MINI John Cooper Works is 75 hp. As such, the outstanding position of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP is even more clearly defined than that of the extreme athletes of the two previous MINI model generations, each of which was manufactured in a small series of 2,000 units. The MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit, launched in 2006 and the MINI John Cooper Works GP of 2013 already reflected unusually intense racing flair with their 218 hp turbocharged engines, specific suspension technology and exclusive design and equipment features. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP takes the experience of performance in a premium small car to a whole new level. In the course of test drives as part of the series development process, it completed a lap of the Nordschleife at Nürburgring in less than eight minutes – almost half a minute faster than its direct predecessor.

MINI Asia today introduced just three of the 2000 limited-edition road car with race track-developed technology, the MINI John Cooper Works GP in Singapore.

Somethingdongxi The new MINI John Cooper Works GP now in Singapore
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