Lamborghini Countach, a legendary model celebrating its 50th anniversary

Lamborghini Countach turns 50th

很多艺术作品始终是有价值的,Countach 的造型就是其中之一。
There are works of art that always remain relevant, and the form of the Countach is one of them.

Mitja Borkert
Lamborghini Countach, a legendary model celebrating its 50th anniversary

兰博基尼传奇车型今年上市50周年, 该车型独特而具有现代气息的车身线条,塑造了其后至今所有兰博基尼车型的外观设计,包括Aventador、Huracan、Sian和Urus。

兰博基尼设计中心主管Mitja Borkert说道:“ Countach的设计由完美的比例组成,只搭载最为重要的功能,具有极致纯粹的特点。此车型与众不同的特征是其单一的纵向线条,在视觉上连接了车身前部和后部。从造型的角度来看,这种设计是完美的,因为即使车型的其他部 分被修改,该线条也能成为连接过去与现在的视觉元素。它是所有兰博基尼设计基因的缩影,是贯穿品牌起源与当下造型语言的传统。”

Countach拥有低趴宽体的前脸,这源于舱盖上的对角线设计特征,而这些对角线也运用在发动 机舱盖上,这使这款车型即使从远处看也极具辨识度。低矮方正的副驾驶舱造型与挡风玻璃经典倾 斜角度的结合,对Countach之后多款车型的设计产生了深远的影响。正是多年传承的外形和独有且 极具特点的侧窗切割方式,使兰博基尼车型具有极强的辨识度。

20世纪70年代,兰博基尼Countach便采用了领先时代的极具未来感的造型。这是一个创造力 爆发的时代,也是对设计而言最重要的时期之一。在这期间所取得的重要社会成就,都在那些能为 全球设计师与创意者带来灵感的重大变革上有所体现。太空竞赛; 随着现代计算机发展而出现的高科技;与几何图案、丰富选择和鲜艳色彩迸发相关的时尚趋势;个人主义和喷气机时代的到来,这 些因素都对Countach设计师Marcello Gandini的造型选择产生了影响。Countach的诞生也要 归功于费鲁吉欧·兰博基尼( Ferruccio Lamborghini)先生的远见卓识,他从一开始就相信这个革命性的项目,而它时至今日也依旧影响着兰博基尼未来车型的造型。


The distinctively contemporary lines of the Lamborghini Countach, a legendary model celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, shaped the design of all subsequent Lamborghinis even up to today’s models, including the Aventador, Huracán, Sián, as well as the Urus.

“There are works of art that always remain relevant, and the form of the Countach is one of them.” These are the words that Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini, uses to describe the style of this automotive icon. “Its design,” adds Borkert, is comprised of perfect proportions, characterized by a very pure and essential approach. Its distinctive feature is the single longitudinal line that visually connects the front and rear parts. From a stylistic point of view, it’s a perfect inspiration because, even when the rest is modified, the line is an element of visual continuity between past and present. It’s the epitome of the DNA in all Lamborghini design, the tradition of the stylistic language from the origins to the present day.”

Low and wide, the front view of the Countach is characterized by diagonal lines on the hood, which are also repeated on the engine compartment, making it immediately recognizable even from a distance. The shape of the passenger compartment, low and squared, combined with the typical slope of the windscreen, influenced the design of the various models that have followed the Countach. It is precisely these shapes that have remained unchanged over the years, along with the particular and characteristic cut of the side windows, which make a Lamborghini easily identifiable at first glance. 

The Countach introduced a futuristic style ahead of its time during the 1970s, an era of explosive creativity and one of the most significant moments for design. These were years of important social achievements, which are reflected in significant changes that would inspire designers and creatives around the world. The space race; the advent of high tech with the development of modern computers; the trends in fashion linked to geometric patterns, extravagant choices and the explosion of bright colors; the advent of individualism and the Jet Age; are all elements that influenced the stylistic choices of the Countach’s designer, Marcello Gandini. The Countach is also due to the vision of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who believed right from the start in the revolutionary project, that today is still influencing the style of future Lamborghini models.

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