KENZO Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule

Kenzo pays tribute to “love”

胶囊系列,与2021春夏情人节系列相呼应。 Kenzo将中文”爱”、阿拉伯文Habibi、英文I love you和法文Amour等来自世界各地的符号文字,通过手写的形式融合在艺术作品中,以向“爱情”致敬。全新的七夕限定胶囊系列包括Habibi爱心图案的运动衫、T恤、帽饰等必备时尚 单品,将象征爱情的红色与中性的黑白色调形成强烈的对比;采用印花和线绣结 合设计成精致的装饰图案。更推出红色版本Tiger Crest款式,把Kenzo标志性虎 头特制为矽胶徽章装点在产品上,处处彰显出 “I love you” 系列的独特。现已登陆Kenzo.com和全球Kenzo专门店。

Kenzo celebrates the first Chinese Valentine’s Day capsule, named Qixi, by proposing a playful and exclusive collection. Kenzo tributes to love with romantic notes from all around the world: ‘爱’in Chinese, ‘Habibi’ in Arabica, ‘I love you’ in English and ‘Amour’ in French. Incorporate into the artwork through the form of handwriting to pay tribute to “love”. The new Qixi capsule collection includes essential items such as sweatshirts, tee-shirts, and hats, which form a strong contrast between the red symbolizing love and the neutral black and white tones. Everywhere the unique style of “’I love you” series is demonstrated. Available on and in Kenzo stores worldwide.

All photos provided by Kenzo. 

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