积家与皮具品牌Casa Fagliano合作
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso has a Casa Fagliano strap

2021 年夏季,积家为 Reverso 翻转系列腕表拥有者带来展现个人风格的全新方式。积家大工坊与 Casa Fagliano 合作设计的全新表带,巧妙地捕捉了休闲惬意的夏日气息,为隽永现代的 Reverso 翻转系列腕 表增添一抹悠闲自信的感觉。全新表带以 Casa Fagliano 为夏季马球比赛制作的独特帆布皮革马球靴为灵感,给合了帆布与柔软小牛 皮,提供四款夏季色彩,分别是沙米色、浅棕色、淡蓝色和中灰色。表带由 Casa Fagliano 特别为Reverso 翻转系列腕表设计,备有两种尺寸,适合 Reverso Classic Medium 翻转系列腕表中型款、Reverso Classic Large 翻转系列腕表大型款及 Reverso Tribute 翻转系列腕表的所有作品。

表带除具有 Casa Fagliano 一眼可辨的经典皮革细节设计,还配上柔软小牛皮衬里,确保佩戴腕表时手 腕更为舒适。表带更配备积家的快速更换系统,方便佩戴者可配合自己的心情或风格,随时更换表带。积家大工坊与全球顶级马球靴制造商 Casa Fagliano 携手合作,成就迷人工艺的巅峰之作。Casa Fagliano 于 1892 年创立,是一所由家族经营的企业,一直秉承世代相传的传统工艺,选用品质出众的 柔韧皮革制作优质产品。

大工坊与此著名马球靴制造商有著许多共同的价值观。双方均重视专业工艺,对细节一丝不苟,而且对 产品拥有非凡热忱,并力求完美。2011 年,凭借此深厚连系,积家首次与 Casa Fagliano 展开合作。自此,Fagliano 的工匠大师为多款 限量版 Reverso 翻转系列腕表制作了一系列表带。全新夏季表带延续双方的合作,并突显 Reverso 翻转系列腕表的出众特色,为拥有者提供适合季节变化 的全新选择。除了以个性化图案订制 Reverso 翻转系列腕表外,拥有者如今更可透过另一种方式展现个 人风格。

For Summer 2021, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces a new way for Reverso owners to express their personal style. A new strap, created in partnership with Casa Fagliano, captures the relaxed mood of the season and lends an air of casual confidence to the timeless modernity of the Reverso.

Inspired by the distinctive canvas-and-leather boots made by Casa Fagliano for summer polo, the new straps marry canvas with soft calf leather in a choice of four seasonal shades: sandy beige, light tan, pale blue and mid-grey. Designed by Casa Fagliano exclusively for the Reverso, the straps are offered in two sizes, to fit all models from the Reverso Classic Medium, Reverso Classic Large and Reverso Tribute collections.

As well as the signature leather details that immediately distinguish the Fagliano design, the straps are lined with supple calf to ensure greater comfort on the wrist. They are fitted with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s interchangeable system that enables owners to switch their straps with the greatest of ease, whenever they wish to change their mood or style.

When one of world’s finest polo bootmakers joins forces with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture, the result is the very pinnacle of craftsmanship. A family business running since 1892, Casa Fagliano works a soft and supple leather known for its great strength, following techniques handed down by long tradition.

The Grande Maison and the renowned bootmakers have a great number of values in common. Their two realms share a respect for expert craftsmanship, meticulous detailing, a passion for the product, and the pursuit of perfection.
In 2011, this deep connection led Jaeger-LeCoultre to its first collaboration with Casa Fagliano. Since then, the Fagliano artisans crafted a series of straps for various Reverso limited edition watches.

The new summer straps extend this collaboration, further enhancing the character of the Reverso and offering owners new choices to fit the changing seasons. Along with the opportunity to personalise their Reverso caseback with a motif of their choice, owners will have yet another way to express their personal style.

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