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许凯与娜扎倾情演绎Fendi 2021七夕广告大片
Fendi 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule

Fendi 推出全新2021七夕限定系列广告大片,由演员许凯与娜扎共同演绎, 以爱之名,浪漫呈现Fendi 2021七夕限定系列。 


许凯身穿的两套造型展现了双面魅力。Fendi Karligraphy图案黑色针织毛衣搭配同色尼龙材质长裤,简约而不失格调。配饰部分,同色系的红色Fendi Pack盒子手袋与红色拼接低帮运动鞋鲜亮出挑,极具个性。白底灰色条纹衬衫同样点缀Fendi Karligraphy图案与星星点点的爱心元素,搭配黑色工装短裤以及尼龙材质的Fendi Peekaboo 手袋,打造清新活力的节日着装。 

娜扎身着红色心形镂空针织上衣潜藏设计巧思,搭配白色Karligraphy爱心印花短裙与短裤,灵动俏皮。经典Peekaboo和Baguette手袋点缀七夕限定印花与立体图案,Fendi Sunshine Shopper手袋换上甜蜜红色新装,配以奶油白手柄,简约精致,尽显率真自由风格。红色FF Logo墨镜勾勒别致造型,Karligraphy爱心元素时尚配饰增添点缀,丰富了精致甜美的七夕约会装扮。 

Fendi 2021七夕限定系列将于2021年7月22日起登陆全国Fendi精品店及网站,并于7月29日起登陆全球精选Fendi精品店。

Fendi launches a new campaign for its 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection, featuring actor Xu Kai and actress Nazha.

Captured by the photographer Oliverjune, the campaign presents love in the Fendi way through authentic and romantic shots. An atmosphere of universal love and complicity fills the scene as the couple composed by Xu Kai and Nazha smiles sweetly while holding hands, presenting the Fendi 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection in a lovable and natural way. 

Xu Kai charmingly wears a black knit sweater featuring a maxi red Karligraphy logo, matching with tone-on-tone nylon pants for a simple yet stylish look. With the same attitude, he is dressed in a striped white and grey shirt featuring the signature Karligraphy-hearted pattern of the collection – a reinterpretation of the curling logo peppered with exquisite hearts and dot – which also defines the ivory skirt and shirts worn by Nazha, paired with a red knit cardigan and sweater with tone-on-tone hearts.

The simple yet charming outfits are combined with the signature bags of the collection for statement yet fresh and sweet looks. A Mini Peekaboo features the Karligraphy-hearted pattern, whilst a cheerful red Mini Sunshine Shopper looks vibrant and elegant with white cream handles. The removable pocket of a black nylon Peekaboo ISeeU Tote bag is inspired by the deep red Fendi Pack styles with a white Fendi Roma logo, symbolizing love in a bold and distinctive way. Fashion jewelry pieces embellished with a red crystal version of the Karligraphy logo and decorated with red hearts add a final precious and refined touch.

The Fendi 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection will be available in Fendi boutiques in Greater China and on fendi.cn from July 22nd, and in selected boutiques worldwide from July 29th, 2021. 

All photos provided by Fendi

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