迪奥男装春夏2022融入艺术家George Condo作品
Who is Dior Men’s Spring Summer 2022 collaborator George Condo?

迪奥男装春夏2022系列中的一大亮点是品牌与美国艺术家乔治·康多(George Condo)的合作。1957年出生于美国新罕布什尔州,他是当代著名的艺术大师,目前工作居住在美国纽约。George是一个带有文艺复兴色彩的艺术家,凭借自己扭曲幽默的肖像作品受到艺术界的一致认可,享有声誉已有30多年。美国媒体评价说乔治·康多是艺术家中的艺术家。 乔治·康多的标志性风格是“突变的超现实主义”,作品里常常出现的是被挤压后的卡通脸,还有一些即兴夸张的立体主义。他无论在艺术界的任何趋势面前,也始 终坚持自己的个性的一面,着实为年轻一代艺术家们树立了良好的榜样。从20世纪80年代中期,康多开始根据自己的认知将艺术家区分出不同群体。他将老一辈艺术大师的创作技巧运用到当代油画创作中来的方法,在当时新形象油画创作占统治地位的时代,实在是一种开天辟地的创新。20世纪80年代早期,美国艺术家康多以他一系列的超现实主义人物画作在纽约引起了一阵轰动。他画笔下的人物多是品味高雅的饱学之士,表情捉摸不定但看起来彬彬有礼;融合了诸多经典画作, 又冠上了波普艺术的风格。

Dior x George Condo

Exploring America through Dior’s eyes leads back to fine art: in a series of one-off art pieces for the Summer 2022 show, Kim Jones, Travis Scott and the House of Dior collaborate with celebrated US contemporary artist George Condo. With an oeuvre that is, in and of itself, a dialogue between American pop sensibilities and European Old Master painting, Condo’s work perfectly underscores the themes of the collection. Condo has created a sequence of hand-painted shirts, unique works. These will be auctioned after the Dior show, with the proceeds used to support future generations of creative talent through scholarships.

Condo was born in Concord, New Hampshire. He studied art history and music theory at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Throughout his early life he studied guitar and music composition while pursuing his lifelong interest in painting and drawing. After two years at UMass Lowell he moved to Boston where he worked in a silk screen shop and joined proto-synth/punk band The Girls as a bassist, with abstract painter Mark Dagley, avant-garde musician Daved Hild, and Robin Amos, founding member of Cul de Sac. Their only single, “Jeffrey I Hear You”/”Elephant Man” (1979) was produced by David Thomas of Pere Ubu. Condo met Jean-Michel Basquiat for the first time in 1979, when Basquiat’s band Gray opened for the Girls at the downtown nightclub Tier 3. After this meeting Condo moved to Ludlow Street in New York City to pursue his career as an artist. He became a founding member of the punk/blues band Hi Sheriffs of Blue in 1980.

All photos from Dior

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