Dior High Jewellery 2021- RoseDior is breathtaking

焕新后的蒙田大街三十号将增设一座屋顶花园与一处典藏馆——自迪奥高级珠宝部创立二十余年以来,这处传奇之所不仅为艺术总监维多利娅•德卡斯特兰带来丰沛灵感,更造就了如今 “迪奥星球”的诞生。在这片静待探索的广袤银河中,一百一十六件珠宝杰作绽现奇光异彩。从古典风格的浪漫玫瑰、 花窗玫瑰、到未来主义玫瑰和抽象高订玫瑰,仿若一座流光溢彩的珍宝玫瑰园。

犹如一场花园的畅游,一组由项链、耳环、手镯和指间戒作品共同呈现的缅 甸蓝宝石高级珠宝套装揭开浪漫玫瑰的世界。祖母绿形切割钻石以巧妙角度精心镶嵌而成的玫瑰跃然指间,含苞欲放的粉色蓝宝石花蕾在钻石萼片上亭亭玉立。

玫瑰呈现富有韵律的渐变色调,如同绚丽的彩色玻璃花窗,它们或由天鹅绒 质感的哥伦比亚祖母绿点睛,或点缀于莫桑比克红宝石畔化作项链,同红碧 玺枝叶璀璨辉映。长阶梯形切割钻石和玫瑰式切割钻石演绎曼妙卷曲或棱角分明的妍丽花瓣,呈现珠宝的纯净剔透之美。

玫瑰的未来主义演绎,则为迪奥星球带来另一重惊喜。赞比亚祖母绿流转着黄中泛绿的微妙色泽,在项链、戒指和手镯上绽放。蛋白石在高级珠宝漆面镶爪和玫瑰金镶座掩映下,释放瑰丽华彩,令人目眩神迷;金色南洋珍珠落在偏心位置,化身梦幻玫瑰的闪亮花蕊;花瓣曲线极简流畅,簇拥粉色尖晶 石或沙弗莱石,明丽色彩谐美交融。

1_RoseDior Bracelet , White gold and diamonds

2_RoseDior Bracelet , white, pink and yellow gold and diamonds

3_RoseDior Bracelet , White and pink gold, diamonds, pink spinels, pink sapphires and tsavorites garnets

4_RoseDior Bracelet ,White and pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies

5_RoseDior Bracelet ,White gold and diamonds

6_RoseDior Bracelet , Pink gold and diamonds

Ten years after the luxuriant Bal des Roses opus, Victoire de Castellane has created a new high jewelry collection dedicated to the rose. Composed of fifty-four superbly realistic figurative pieces, RoseDior pays poetic and colorful tribute to Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower.

From his childhood garden in Granville, Normandy, and the rose garden his mother lovingly tended, Christian Dior came to cherish nature, and roses in particular. Today, Victoire de Castellane celebrates them in the spirit of the times. On a pink gold necklace with yellow gold leaves, a rose sown with diamonds unclips to become a brooch, while a diamond rivière necklace adorned with a ruby flower transforms into a bracelet. Sprinkled with diamonds or pink sapphires, the rose crowns an adjustable necklace that slides from a sautoir into a choker in a flash.

The Artistic Director confirms her talent as a colorist, bringing together the most beautiful precious and fine gemstones to mirror the extreme delicacy of tonalities, from the bud picked in the morning to petals in full bloom in the evening. The virtuoso pairing of pink spinels gives rise to a parure blossoming with pear-cut gemstones. A lagoon blue Paraïba tourmaline blooms on a Y-shaped necklace, while an ultramarine blue Madagascar sapphire weighing more than 8 carats crowns a flared cut rose, placed atop a white gold stem sprinkled with dewdrops formed by briolette diamonds.

Infused with the same poetry, leaves and petals dress the ear with rubies shaded with yellow gold; Zambian emeralds embellish a flower and its stem, and dormeuse drop earrings with yellow diamond petals. These also surface on a ring evoking a freshly picked flower with barely open petals. Unfurling their graceful corolla, each ring is a bouquet in itself, bursting with verdant tsavorites and triangular-cut emeralds with a bluish tinge, sparkling with emerald-cut diamond buds, or a kaleidoscope of green, blue, yellow and pink with a pistil in lozenge-cut pink spinel weighing more than 4 carats.

To underscore the finesse of the wrist, bracelets — like necklaces — are fashioned from gold evoking a plant-like texture. In the Parisian haute joaillerie workshops, the hammered and polished precious metal transforms into a stem wrapped in frost using intermittently paved diamonds of different diameters, while rose petals edged with diamonds lend grace to the secret watch, crowning the La D de Dior with a flower- shaped cluster of diamonds or pink sapphires.

Dior High Jewellery – RoseDior

All photos provided by Dior

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