Christian Dior 2021 DiorAmour Chinese Valentine’s day capsule

在2021 七夕情人节前夕,迪奥推出全新Dior Amour 胶囊系列,把爱心放到Lady Dior等经典包包上面,超可爱。整个系列不仅颜色上大玩红白配色,灵感更是来自世界各地的童话故事,要带领大家来一场充满童趣的异想世界! 从黑白棋盘到超大爱心,迪奥女装创意总监Maria Grazia Chiuri 藉由这次Dior Amour 系列邀请众人暂时远离尘嚣并重回内心的童真世界,最重样的是,服装、包包与各项满满的红色细节,也同时要跟着大家一起庆祝即将到来的七夕情人节,完全市最让人心动的七夕情人节礼物呀。由红色与爱心构成为主要元素的Dior Amour,除了被形容为“生命的颜色”的红色是创办人迪奥先生挚爱的色彩之一,爱心更是专属于迪奥先生的幸运图腾。 Dior Amour 一直以来更是以传递珍贵、奔放的情感自由为最重要的系列来源。

Inspired by the world of fairy tales, the Christian Dior 2021 Dioramour Chinese Valentine’s Day capsule designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri celebrates loved ones, paying ode to tender declarations and the art of giving.

Iconic house designs such as the Dior Book Tote and Dior Addict sneakers have been adorned with hearts, the D-Chess check print, and D-Royaume d’Amour motif. This capsule reimagines The Lady Dior and Dior Caro bags in new a heart-shaped cannage style, a reflection of innovative savoir-faire. Dior Maison essentials such as plates, mugs and candles are also adorned in the colors of the collection. These pieces will be available in select Dior boutiques mid-July, arriving just in time to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day.

All photos provided by Dior.

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