Bvlgari High Jewellery 2021 - Magnifica

Bvlgari High Jewellery 2021-Magnifica


意大利高级珠宝商在米兰著名地标艾曼纽二世回廊举办这场盛大的高级珠宝秀,倾心演绎 Magnifica 绮珍意宝高级珠宝系列的万千风采。这场高级珠宝秀旨在礼赞意式珠宝凝萃,由久负盛名的古典音乐家兼著名男高音歌唱家安 德烈•波切利(Andrea Bocelli)担任开场表演嘉宾。他用意大利语对贝多芬的《欢乐颂》进 行精彩的个性化演绎。同时,开场表演由国际知名意大利乐队指挥比阿特丽斯•韦内西 (Beatrice Venezi)担纲指挥。

在艾曼纽二世回廊,不仅安德烈•波切利(Andrea Bocelli)携手比阿特丽斯•韦内西(Beatrice Venezi)为现场宾客倾情奉上震撼人心的表演,来自不同国度的国际知名超模亦倾心呈献 一场如电影般扣人心弦的模特秀,她们分别是莉莉•奥尔德里奇(Lily Aldridge)、维多利亚 •伽里蒂(Vittoria Ceretti)、贺聪(He Cong)、布莱斯尼娅•米赫(Blesnya Minher)以及索 兰吉•史密斯(Solange Smith)。

Bvlgari continues to seduce and fascinate with its new Magnifica High Jewellery collection. Magnifica becomes now the protagonist of a show filmed in one of Milan’s most iconic locations, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

A celebration of Italian magnificence, the show is introduced by the most successful classical artist of all-time, legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli offering his own unique interpretation in the Italian language of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy / Inno alla Gioia”. The performance is led by internationally acclaimed Italian orchestra conductor Beatrice Venezi.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II does not only serve as the spectacular stage for Bocelli and Venezi’s performances, but also stands out as the exclusive catwalk for a movie-like runway show interpreted by an outstanding diverse casting of supermodels: Lily Aldridge, Vittoria Ceretti, He Cong, Blesnya Minher and Solange Smith.

Inspired by Milan’s prominent role on the international theater scene, the High Jewellery Show, filmed by Italian emerging director Tommaso Ottomano in collaboration with AMO/Ellen van Loon and Giulio Margheri, is infused with a dramatic, solemn vibe, injected with Bvlgari’s signature sense of boldness, but also with the brand’s quintessential irony and unapologetic attitude.

Bvlgari High Jewellery 2021 - Magnifica highlights

Shot by Hugo Compte for Bvlgari

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