Berluti presents 2021 Chinese Valentine's Day Selection

Berluti 2021 七夕情人节
Berluti Chinese Valentine’s day special

Berluti 发布七夕情人节臻选系列,献礼这一关于爱的节日。该系列涵盖成衣、包袋、鞋履与配饰,不仅 在经典款式上推陈出新,还囊括 Free 斜挎包、Fly 休闲鞋等新品,以 Signature 徽章图纹压花的全新皮 革单品亦令人耳目一新。Berluti 还与西班牙艺术家 Jorge Penadés 跨界合作,推出限量版的彩色吊饰,别 具匠心地将皮革制品剩余的皮料压制成精致立体的艺术品,致力于为时尚环保事业不断探索、创新。此 外,成衣与鞋履还提供较小尺码,旨在奉上更为丰富多元的七夕节礼物清单。

Berluti presents an exquisitely curated collection for the Qixi Festival (the Chinese Valentine’s Day), encompassing an updated selection of classic apparel, bags, casual footwear and accessories, alongside exciting new launches including the Free crossbody and the Fly sneakers clad in SIGNATURE canvas printed with the Berluti seal. In support of an environmentally friendly circular economy, Berluti also initiates an innovative crossover project tapping Spanish artist Jorge Penadés to create limited-edition charms out of leftover leather. In addition, the selected apparel and footwear come with smaller sizing options to enrich the Qixi Festival gift ideas.

All images provide by Berluti.

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