Somethingdongxi Berluti collaborates with Bang & Olufsen for the limited-edition Audiovisual series

Berluti collaborates with Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen的前沿理念,革新技术以及构思新颖的设计,与Berluti对工艺的及生活形式演变的理念不谋而合。
Bang & Olufsen’s cutting-edge philosophy, technological innovation and state-of-the-art design run parallel to the Maison’s focus on craftsmanship and to its continually evolving lifestyle collection.

Somethingdongxi Berluti collaborates with Bang & Olufsen for the limited-edition Audiovisual series

Berluti携手丹麦高端音响品牌Bang & Olufsen推出限量系列,一同演绎其在手工匠心和生活方式上的极高造诣。此次跨界合作充分展现了两大品牌在传承经典与匠心工艺上的坚守,将Bang & Olufsen标志性的产品与Berluti经典的Venezia皮革相结合,由手工打造出六件独具特色的作品。

基于此次合作,经典的灵动音效、永不过时的匠心设计和精妙绝伦的皮革技艺在精湛的工艺下实现完美融合,外观与功能相得益彰。此次限量系列包含联名款Beosound A1第二代便携式蓝牙扬声器、BeoPlay H95高端蓝牙降噪耳机和Berluti Sound收纳手袋,便携的设计可谓是都市旅行者和“数字游民”的最佳选择。该系列亦包含联名款Beosound Balance无线家居扬声器,为日常生活带来奢华听觉体验。此外,还特别提供Beovision Harmony电视和Beolab 90扬声器两款定制家庭影院产品,可谓点睛之笔,在充分展示Berluti现有家居系列魅力的同时,也彰显其在高科技方面的不断创新。

Berluti and Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen collaborate for a limited-edition collection of products, celebrating ‘savoir-faire’ and lifestyle. The collaboration honours the heritage and craftsmanship associated with both ‘Maisons’ and combines some of Bang & Olufsen’s most iconic products with Berluti’s emblematic Venezia leather, patinated by hand to propose six unique pieces.

The result is a fusion of signature sound, timeless design, and unrivalled leather expertise where craftsmanship is elevated and form and function go hand in hand. Perfect for urban travellers and digital nomads, Beosound A1 2nd Gen Berluti Edition, Beoplay H95 Berluti Edition, and Berluti’s Sound Pouch are ideal to carry on the go, completed by the addition of Beosound Balance Berluti Edition. Two exceptional made-to-order home products, Beovision Harmony and Beolab 90, add the finishing touch to the collection which complement Berluti’s existing selection of lifestyle and home objects while going deeper into the brand’s technology offering.

更多Bang & Olufsen 相关消息,请点击。More news on Bang & Olufsen.

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