Somethingdongxi Continental GT Family Gets New Colours and Features for the Summer

Bentley Continental GT gets new summer colours

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

宾利针为欧陆GT增加了三种颜色的车漆,同时为新车提供了全新造型的方向盘,并提供全景玻璃车顶可选。这次新增了Viridian(绿色),Patina(古铜色)和Snow Quartz(石英白)三种外观颜色车漆,这三个选项将调色板选择增加到62种颜色选项。

Viridian是经典的英国Racing Green的现代代表,其灵感来自Bentley的EXP10 Speed 6概念车,具有深色的翡翠金属色调。它还带有深玛瑙绿色,浅绿色和蓝色底色,以及淡淡的琥珀色和金色斑点,带来奢华感。另一方面,帕蒂纳将香槟和丝绸混合在一起,“灵感来自美丽的气氛和抛光金属的光彩”。它具有中等色调的乳霜,并带有淡淡的绿色感。雪石英基本上是白色的,带有三层珠光漆。

除了新的喷漆选项外,Continental GT coupe还提供了整个系列的全景玻璃车顶选项。以前,此选项是为使用W12的Contis保留的,但是即使您使用V8磨机,现在也可以实现。最后,Conti GT的标准方向盘得到了改进的形状和轮廓,这将在整个范围内提供。它还具有电容式感应,使汽车能够知道您是否握住方向盘,这是汽车半自动驾驶员辅助系统的先决条件。

This summer, the iconic Continental GT coupe and convertible will have a new choice of exterior paint colours, a new style steering wheel and the ability to specify a panoramic glass roof on the V8-engined GT coupe in addition to the W12.

From today, Bentley is adding to its full spectrum of exterior paints available on the Continental GT family with the introduction of three new options: Viridian, Patina and Snow Quartz. With the addition of the panoramic glass roof and further paint colours the number of configurations possible continues to grow, nearly surpassing 10 billion variations that a customer can personalise to their requirements.

Viridian is a modern take on the traditional British Racing Green, and the dark emerald metallic hue is inspired by that used on Bentley’s EXP10 Speed 6 concept car. The deep agate green with light green and blue undertones creates depth and a sporty dimension, and tiny flecks of amber and gold embody a sense of luxury.

Patina is inspired by the beautiful atmosphere and aura of polished metals with blends of champagne and silk. With an air of luxury and opulence, this mid- tone cream is enriched with the faintest hint of subtle greens.

Snow Quartz is a modern white three-layer pearlescent paint which creates a simple and fresh silhouette. The finely layered pearl effect creates a beautiful shimmering and lustrous whiteness, providing an infinite number of opportunities to complement interior colour combinations.

Bentley’s panoramic glass roof is now available on all Continental GT coupes giving a new perspective whilst illuminating the exquisite craftsmanship of the cabin. The sunroof is equipped with polarised glass that reduces glare allowing occupants a clearer view of their surroundings, and an interior blind that is electronically operated from the console within. The blind is clad in Alcantara to match one of the 15 headliner colours available.

A new style steering wheel is introduced as standard, with a revised shape and profile. The new wheel includes capacitive sensing throughout the wheel rim, allowing the steering wheel to detect when it is being held – a vital new safety measure for the car’s semi-autonomous Driver Assistance Systems, where new legislation stipulates that drivers must keep in contact with the wheel at all times when the car is moving.

Bentley designers also took this opportunity to revise the colour split of the steering wheel creating a more elegant look and finished with a chrome bezel at the bottom of the vertical spoke.

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