Balenciaga QiXi 2021 capsule collection

Balenciaga七夕系列被赋予新的设计灵感,源自习惯於在”七夕”送给爱人们的可爱毛绒玩偶和爱的祝福语卡片,利用绒毛、仿动物毛及搭配不同的粉色系打造而成的品牌经典单品。此系列包含绣以”Love BALENCIAGA”或”I love BALENCIAGA”字样的T恤、连帽衫、衬衫、鸭舌帽及袜子,同时配有粉红色、黑色及白色叁种颜色供选择。各种尺寸的仿毛Hourglass手袋均有粉红色或黑色供选择,还有柔软的绒毛兔耳朵手机壳、耳机盒以及心形肩带包。限量版Balenciaga Track运动鞋和Track凉鞋,也都在黑色或银色款式上增添了粉色或灰色仿毛装饰。系列还包括心形银质掛饰、吊坠项鍊、耳环和手链。此外,每次店内购买Balenciaga 2021七夕系列,都将附送一张特别的祝福贺卡。为配合此系列发佈,艺术家王皓田也通过描绘上海的都市景观,诠释了浪漫约会场景。在短片和大片里,可以看到情侣们戴著VR头戴设备跳舞,在市中心潮流聚集购物中心外共乘电动滑板车,通过萤幕线上约会、发送自拍,在外滩风景屋顶露臺上共用美酒与欣赏壮阔天际线,亦或者用无人机为爱人送上Balenciaga 2021七夕系列特别礼物。

Ahead of Qixi this year, Balenciaga stores offer an exclusive series of products and conveniences that celebrate love. Classic products reimagined in fluffy, faux fur and baby pink color palettes reference the cuddly stuffed animals and cards that are presented to loved ones on this holiday.Multiple styles of T-shirts, hoodies, shirts, caps, and socks in pink, black, and white are embroidered with a heart and a logo, stating either “Love BALENCIAGA” or “I love BALENCIAGA” .A selection of Hourglass bags in various sizes are available in pink or black faux fur, as are phone and headphone cases with floppy bunny ears and heart-shaped bags.Exclusive Balenciaga Track and Track Sandal styles in black or silver are lined with pink or grey faux fur. Heart-shaped silver metal bag charms, pendant necklaces, hoop earrings, and friendship bracelets also available.In addition, a special gifting card comes with each in-store purchase from the Balenciaga Qixi 2021 Series.To announce the series, a campaign by artist Hao tian Wang interprets romance and dating in the year 2021 through enacted scenarios around Shanghai’s metropolitan landscape. In videos and still images, couples dance wearing VR headsets; they ride a motorized scooter together outside Plaza 66; they have virtual dates and send selfies via screens; they share a drink on a rooftop overlooking the skyline ;and they send gifts from the Balenciaga Qixi 2021 Series using drones.

All images provided by Balenciaga

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