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World’s 39 best new restaurant and bar design

These designs will take your breath away.

餐馆设计总是餐饮体验的重要一环。今年因为疫情关系在世界各地的餐饮业都大受影响,但设在英国的餐馆和酒吧设计(The Resturant and Bar Design award )跟过去11年一样,继续宣布了2020年的得奖名单。今年共有65个国家的900项参赛作品,入围了248个项目。因为疫情关系,获奖者名单在10月15日在其网站上举行的虚拟颁奖典礼上宣布。慕达建筑师事务所(MUDA Architects)在中国成都的桉树林中的荷塘边上,设计的一家火锅餐厅“花园火锅餐厅”(Garden Hotpot Restaurant)荣获最佳餐馆设计大奖。 同样在成都的Inns Bar则荣获最佳酒吧大奖。 

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards now in its twelfth year is a globally recognised competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces. This covers every imaginable hospitality space, from ships to airports, museums to burger vans, and from revered Michelin-starred establishments to the fleeting dynamism of pop-ups.Judged by a panel of some of the most influential personalities in design, hospitality and lifestyle globally, this annual edition of the Awards attracted over 900 entries from 65 countries.

Garden Hotpot a restaurant in Chengdu, China designed by MUDA-Architects and INNS Bar, a bar in Chengdu, China designed by Wooton Designers are the Overall winners of the 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. The Clockspire (Sherborne) and The Berkeley Bar & Terrace (London) were awarded the accolades of Overall UK Restaurant and Overall UK bar respectively.

Other category winners were revealed at the winner’s virtual Awards ceremony, which took place online on the 15th October.

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