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Preludio – Flirting with time



谁下厨:哥伦比亚出生的33岁总厨费南度·尔伐卢(Fernando Arevalo),驻扎新加坡多年,擅用故事章节形式来呈现菜单。

吃的氛围:中央商业区大楼内的一个花园阳台空间,入夜时分寂静安宁笼罩。主厨擅以单一主题系列章节呈献“作者料理”(Author’s Cuisine),这一季的主题是“时间”,延续了上一回“黑白”(Monochrome)的风格。菜式看似简单实际上内容扎实。诉说了主厨与食材种植者和厨房之间的事。每道菜由侍应生或主厨本身端上的时候,都会随之送上一则关于食材或菜式来源的小故事。 


还有:不可错过甜点师傅埃琳娜·佩雷斯德·卡拉斯科(Elena Perez de Carrasco)同样有时间故事,由她外婆启发创作灵感的甜点。


Somethingdongxi Preludio

Time is distilled into personal interpretations – a moment, a date, or an age; a process, duration, or passage; ancestry and lineage.

Eat Where: Preludio

Behind the kitchen: Chef-owner Fernando Arevalo, the 33-year-old Colombian chef Fernando Arevalo has made Singapore his home for the last six years. 

Eat Style: Preludio is a contemporary restaurant that aims to present a fresh perspective on fine dining, where embracing a culture of constant change and innovation helps ignite the spirit of creativity andbetterment. Chef believes in telling story through his dishes and started the first “chapter” in a journey of “author’s cusinie” with a visually driven Monochromatic dishes menu in late 2018 for about 18 months. February 2020 marks the beginningof a new chapter ‘Time’ where the restaurant isinspired by the multiple facets of this theme asinterpreted by the team at Preludio

Eat What: Started the menu of with a beautiful freshly homemade rye bread. The “time machine” starter comes in 5 small plates with different preparation time from 2 minutes (for chef to shucked and served a Spiked Brittany Oyster to a 6-months aged anchovies caught form the Bay of Biscay). “Out Of Time” course is a in-season white asparagus prepared at tablesides. Every dish (such as “Dish of a lifetime” , “A7-year story”) comes with a “timely” story behind it for diners to uncover. This chapter will run over the four seasons, a new menu will be unveiled at the turn of each season. 

What else: Time for Pastry Chef Elena Perez de Carrasco represents the past, present and future – important experiences that have significantly influenced her. Grandmother in Basque,‘Amona’ is a nostalgic tribute fondly reminiscent ofan after-school treat of traditional bread slathered with chocolate

How much: 6-course dinner at $188+ ; 8-course 238++


182 Cecil Street Frasers Tower  #03-01/02
Singapore 069 547

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